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Disability Income Insurance

Build a Safety Net for Your Income

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Disability Income Insurance

AFT's Disability Income Insurance Plan may be a practical solution to help protect your income … your profession … your financial future.

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AFT leveraged the professional status of more than 800,000 members to negotiate the affordable group rates for the AFT+ Disability Income Insurance Plan. This significant financial advantage helps AFT's Disability Income Plan stand out as a bargain in comparison to programs you may find on your own or through an employer.

Monthly Rates Per $100 of Benefit

Elimination Period:

Option 1

Option 2

60 Days

90 Days

Maximum Benefit Duration:

5 Years

5 Years



Under 35


















60 & over



1Age is the participant's age as of last birthday.

How to Calculate Your PREMIUM:
(Cost from your age bracket) x (# of Units) = Monthly Premium
Example: Age 37, 60-day Elimination Period
Amount of coverage desired: $2,000 per month
$1.03 x 20 (units) = $20.60 per month

How to Calculate Your PAYMENT OPTIONS:
Example: Quarterly payments: (monthly premium) x 3 = Quarterly payment
$20.60 x 3 = $61.80
Semi-annual payments: (monthly premium) x 6 = Semi-annual payment $20.60 x 6 = $123.60
Annual payments: (monthly premium) x 12 = Annual payment $20.60 x 12 = $247.20

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Multiple Plan Options to Cover Your Disability Income Insurance Needs

The Disability Income Insurance offers you the opportunity to provide for yourself and your family if you become sick and injured and are unable to work.


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