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Disability Income Insurance

Build a Safety Net for Your Income

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Disability Income Insurance

AFT's Disability Income Insurance Plan helps preserve your lifestyle if you suddenly cannot work due to a covered disability.

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*Pre-existing condition means a sickness or accidental injury for which you received medical treatment, consultation, care or services, took prescription medication or had medications prescribed, or had symptoms that would cause a reasonable prudent person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment in the 12 months before your insurance takes effect. We will not pay for a disability that results from a pre-existing condition, if you have been actively at work for less than 12 consecutive months after the date your disability insurance takes effect. See certificate for details.


AFT leveraged the professional status of more than 800,000 members to negotiate the affordable group rates for the AFT+ Disability Income Insurance Plan.

Monthly Rates Per $100 of Benefit

Elimination Period:

Option 1

Option 2

60 Days

90 Days

Maximum Benefit Duration:

5 Years

5 Years



Under 35


















60 & over



1Age is the participant's age as of last birthday.

If you are disabled due to alcohol, drug or substance abuse or addition, we will limit your disability benefits to one period of disability during your lifetime. During your disability, we require you to participate in an alcohol, drug or substance abuse or addition recovery program recommended by a physician. We will end disability benefit payments at the earlier of the date you receive 24 months or disability benefit payments, the date you cease or refuse to participate in the recovery program referred to above, or the date you complete such recovery program.

If you are disabled due to mental or nervous disorders or diseases, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal or soft tissue disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome and related conditions, we will limit your disability payments (subject to specified exceptions) to a lifetime maximum equal to the lesser of 24 months or the Maximum Benefit Period.  

Rates are subject to change.

How to Calculate Your PREMIUM:
(Cost from your age bracket) x (# of Units) = Monthly Premium
Example: Age 37, 60-day Elimination Period
Amount of coverage desired: $2,000 per month
$1.03 x 20 (units) = $20.60 per month

How to Calculate Your PAYMENT OPTIONS:
Example: Quarterly payments: (monthly premium) x 3 = Quarterly payment
$20.60 x 3 = $61.80
Semi-annual payments: (monthly premium) x 6 = Semi-annual payment $20.60 x 6 = $123.60
Annual payments: (monthly premium) x 12 = Annual payment $20.60 x 12 = $247.20

Call 1-888-423-8700 for more information.


Exclusions and Limitations include: war, whether declared or undeclared, or act of war, insurrection, rebellion or terrorist act; your active participation in a riot; intentionally self-inflicted injury; attempted suicide; or commission of or attempt to commit a felony.

Policy form GPNP08-TRUST


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Multiple Plan Options to Help Cover Your Disability Income Insurance Needs

The Disability Income Insurance offers you the opportunity to provide for yourself and your family if you become sick or injured due to a covered illness or accident.

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